Monday, November 28, 2011


We are looking to get a tour going in early January with these dates. Its kinda late notice, but any help is much appreciated. There will be a limited tour only tape released for the tour. You can find out anything you need to know about us by checking our blog at or emailing us at Thanks in advance.
Cheers, Ryan

Jan 1st Rochester, NY-(United Fruitcake Outlet) W/Rotten and Hunted Down
Jan 2nd Boston, MA-Didnt Happen
Jan 3rd New Haven, CT- (72 Daggett ST.) W/ Zone and Consumption
Jan 4th Brooklyn, NY-(Don Pedros) W/ TwinCities, Marloneisha, Steve Layman
Jan 5th Philly, PA- (JR'S) in South Philly W/ Nightfall, Massive Attack, Real Ugly, and Population Zero
Jan 6th Pitsburgh, PA-(The Gopher Hole) W/ Triangle and Rhino, The War is On, Cerebral Apophysis
Jan 7th Lima, OH- (Leathershop) W/ Pizza Hi-Five
Jan 8th Cleveland, OH-Didnt Happen

Sunday, November 27, 2011


so we made some shirts. there are a lot of different color variations, and more coming. the patches havent been made yet, but will be done at some point this week. let me know if you want one. if we dont have your size right now ill, try my best to get one in your size when we go to screen the patches.
cheers, ryan

Friday, November 25, 2011


were playing in hammond, indiana on december 10th with some sick bands. info and flyer below. also tomorrow were screening some shirts and patches! so check back here soon for an update on that. also we got a lot of other shit in the works. so get stoked.
cheers, ryan

Put away your fucking iPhones and come pogo, side to side, and skank away a night of hardcore destruction with:

Confidence Men (Pittsburgh Mad Men)
Scum (D-Beat Degenerates from Detroit)

Plus! Local Yokels:
Culo (Outside of Society)
Skud Boys (Skinheads. First show in years)
Mutant Music (New NWI Assholes)

5611 Sohl Ave, Hammond IN
8 o Clock, 7 bones