Wednesday, December 26, 2012


holy shit, its been 6 months since we updated this thing. first off, thanks to everyone who helped us on our august tour. whether you booked us a show, fed us, let us crash, or got us fucked up. it means a lot. second, were not dead, and are going to re-record the modern warfare tape with some new some songs with our friend nolan. he does good work. and were stoked to hear what we sound like not recording with just one mic plugged into a 4 track. although thats still the preferred method of recording! dont have many pictures from tour, but heres an old one from when we first started the band, scum on beach.
cheers, scum

Saturday, June 30, 2012


Scum is hitting the road again in early August for 2 weeks. Heres a list of places we want to hit. We need help booking some of these. Anything helps, so if you want to help us book a show or point us in the direction of someone who can, please let us know.

248 979 0914 (Ryan)

8/2 Detroit @ Jumbos (3736 3rd St Detroit, MI) w/ Verkslaven, Abduktion
8/3 Chicago @ The Albion (
1719 W. Albion Ave. Chicago) w/ Verkslaven, Abduktion, and Decay After Death
8/4 Cincinnati @ Baba Budan's (239 W. McMillan St. , Cincinnati) w/ Appalachian Terror Unit, Krang, and CanKrusher
8/5 St. Louis
8/6 Memphis
8/7 Athens @ Little Kings (ask a punk, thats all we know)
8/8 Pensacola @ Sluggos (
101 S Jefferson St Pensacola, FL) w/ Apostate and Zeroz '82
8/9 St. Petersburg @ Castle Grayskull ( 2655 6th Ave S. St. Petersburg, FL) w/ Yautja, Church Whip, and Hollow Skull
8/10 Gainesville

8/11 Savannah
8/12 Wilmington @ The Soapbox (255 North Front Street Wilmington) w/ No Tomorrow and Last Words
 8/13 Richmond
8/14 DC

8/15 Baltimore - awaiting info
8/16 Philly @ Cloud City (ask a punk, thats all we know)

Monday, May 21, 2012

weekend tour with krang

  5/24 Thursday @The Pothole 3209 Peck St Muskegon, MI w/Extra Vomit, The Oily Menace 7:30pm
5/25 Friday @The Void 1310 Sherman St. SE Grand Rapids, MI w/Courtesy Spit, Tower of Silence, Great American Witch Hunt 7pm
5/26 Saturday @The Gulag 5141 Rosa Parks Blvd 2nd Floor Detroit, MI w/Shitfucker, Final Assault 8pm

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


take their word for it or hear it for yourself
free downloads are in the upper right hand corner

We are in the process of ripping the second pressing of Nuclear Winter onto cassettes.
We have about half of it done and are working on the last 50 of em.
This tape is a second pressing of an ep released on tour in January of 2012.
Blue cassettes with grey cardstock inserts (lyrics included)
So if distro's or individuals wanna get their hands on it hit us up via email.

On another note we've been jamming and writing new material.
Lots of cool new stuff happening.Alot of songs on our next release will be faster and
shorter than previous material we've released.
check this blog for more updates on shows coming soon.
-Kyle(Tweaking out on coffee)
-Joe (Respectfully snoring)

Friday, March 9, 2012


Posting this here because Live To Kill doesn't really
keep up to date on shows and stuff..
This will be a really cool show though.
Come out and support Heartless from Pittsburgh,
Cloud Rat's tour kick off, and da locals Live To Kill and Sagan Youth
Respect the space and each other or FOAD.
No jerks, no bullshit.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Firstly, thank you to all the people that came out and supported us on our minitour to Appleton WISCONSIN, Chicago  ILLINOIS, and back home in Detroit.
Cheers to: Dan "THE MANAGER" Doogashellski for successfully helping us erase 19 awful tapes and replace them with our third practice done in July of 2011.  All those tapes were sold on tour. Nick "THE DRIVER" Rorick for saving us from death on those slick Wisconsin highways. Brent "the 15 year old booker" of the Appleton show. We need more youth like you in Detroit. Jonathan and Nic of Subterranean house in Appleton. Poetry reading mixed with cigarettes and coffee in the wee morning hours FUCK YEAH! Jessica of the BALL HALL in Chicago. All the Chi-town punks. Krang, Self-Inflicted Genocide, Die Time, and sorry to those we may not have mentioned, WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU!

Now on another note:
First and Second Pressing of The Demo from 2011 are gone and we won't be making another pressing
First pressing of Nuclear Winter EP is sold out but we are in the process of making the second pressing
All 19 Rough War 6 minute tapes done for this tour are sold out and wont be made ever again.
If you want free downloads of both the 2011 Demo and Nuclear Winter EP they are in the upper right hand corner of the page.  They are both on mediafire and reviewed on

As for SCUM, we are playing a show this sunday the 11th in Bowling Green, Ohio with Isenblast, Disconnected, Nakai, and some others (forgive me I'm ill informed). After this show we are taking a break from doing shows to work on new material.  We've got some new releases in the works in the near future. We will continue to keep you updated.Thanks!

-Kyle, Dave, Joe, Ryan (Collectively)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Update

New things in the works, Couple shows coming up.
February 18th-Detroit, MI @ Trumbullplex w/ Live To Kill, Sugarcoats, Tyvek

March 2nd -Appleton, Wisconsin- w/ The Parish, Sabaoth, Bag of Gremlins

March 3rd -Chicago, Illinois -w/ KRANG and more
March 4th- Detroit, MI @ THE MUG w/ Renegade Assault Tank and more
March 11th-Bowling Green, OH-w/Disconnected, Isenblast, and more

2nd Press. 2011 Demo and 1st Press. Nuclear Winter EP cassette tapes still available
But there numbers are dwindling...

Writing new songs, new recordings in the near future.
We will post more info when we got it.


Monday, January 16, 2012


so we got some new tapes and patches. the red one is just a repress of the demo. and the new one is the nuclear winter ep, with 4 new songs and a cover. email us if you are interested. distros hit us up too, cheaper prices for you! ( also we will have a shitload of pictures and videos from tour being posted soon. so check back for updates.
cheers, ryan