Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tour of Late February 2015

Below are dates we are trying to fill out to make our way down to Bad Ass Weekend in Texas.
We would appreciate any help!

Feb. 19- Cleveland, OH-not happening
Feb. 20- Pittsburgh, PA @ The Shop- 4314 Main St. w/ Druglust, Killer of Sheep, Rats Rest, Derider
Feb. 21- Philly, PA @ Uncle Joels-(Ask a Punk) w/ Latex, Werewolves, Coffins Across Hiroshima
Feb. 22- NYC, NY @ The Acheron-57 Waterbury St, Brooklyn, NY  w/ GMK, Heathen, The Brass
Feb. 23-Baltimore, MD @ Lucky Day-(Ask a Punk) w/ Legless, Boys Cry A Lot 
Feb. 24-Richmond, VA @ Happy Family House- 1308 N. 33rd St. w/ Bubonic Bear, Captives, Morticia
Feb. 25-Asheville, NC @ Odditorium- 1045 Haywood Rd w/ Divided Heaven, TBA
Feb. 26- Pensacola, FL -*working*-
Feb. 27- Houston, TX @ Mango's- 403 Westheimer Road w/ Druglust, Eel, WKSJ?
Feb. 28- Nashville, TN @ Heimen-(Ask a Punk) w/ Chainshot + TBA

Cleveland isn't happening.
All other shows have been booked or are still being worked on.
Thanks to all the people who helped us put these gigs together last minute.
We appreciate it a lot. More concrete info will be posted when we get it.
Thanks and cheers.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

December 2014 Update

So once again, we really don't keep up with this blog at all. We've been playing gigs in and around Detroit.  I've finally had some time on my hands that I'd fill in some gaps including the future of SCUM. We have finished the recordings for an LP that hopefully will come out before we head down to Texas to play Bad Ass Weekend III. We are just waiting for the mixes to come back at us so we can send them to the plant and get working on art for this release. As of now I can't recall if we have any shows coming up in January//February in our area but I know some day we are playing bad ass weekend in Texas in February and probably trying to work out some other dates on our way down to that. After that fest our vocalist is leaving for 6 months to a year to travel the country.  We have agreed that no one wants to disband, but we will be taking a break until he comes back to Detroit (if he chooses to do so). Below is the flyer for the fest in Texas. I don't even know the specific date we are playing.  Some after party show. I'm sure you can find more info on their website. That is all.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Scum S/T 2014 Cassette **SOLD OUT**

New Scum Tapes now available.
****SOLD OUT****
20 were originally released when we went to Canada for a weekend and we sold them all.
Since then acouple people have hit us up unexpectedly from the states asking for them.
We made another 30 for distribution.  And as of now 9 are spoken for.
The tape contains 8 tracks in 9 minutes. 3 of which are rerecorded songs of the 2011 Demo and Nuclear Winter. The other 5 songs are all unreleased tracks.
If your interested email us at

Monday, February 10, 2014

Thank you Toronto and London

Thank you to all who made this weekend a killer time outside of our city.
Cheers to Steve for hooking us up with a bass amp, to Greg who hooked us up with a gig in Toronto
last minute and got us legit paperwork to cross the border with. Cheers to Absolut from Toronto (your
set was killer// raw punk forever), to Ivan for helping us get into connection with Greg, putting us up for the night and half a day making food, chilling, jamming records and shit. And to all the people who came out to the Toronto gig.Cheers.
Cheers to Jacob and Ryan from SYNDROME outta London and a big thank you to Jacob's family as well.  You all treated us so well.  Chilling, skating on ice, making breakfast (that ruled!). Thanks to Dave who booked the London show in a packed basement full of sweaty people. The gig was awesome.  Thanks to everyone who came out and raged. Lastly and most importantly we couldn't have even left the goddamn city if it wasn't for our essential personal Zach who drove our smelly arses there and back.

As for our manager, Dan "THE MANAGER" Doooooooooogaaaaaaaaschelskiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
he has been on a mysterious far out vacation and none of us have heard from him in 3 months...

As for this weekend that just past, if anyone reads this and has pictures or videos.
make us aware of them.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Few dates coming up

Scum's venturing over to Canada for a weekend coming up soon.
Here are the dates

2/7/14 - Toronto @ Soybomb HQ//156 Bathurst w/ Morne, Absolut, Black Iron Prison, Droid
2/8/14 - London @ 683 Adelaide St. North, w/TBA
2/9/14 - Windsor Matinee @ Holden House 5pm

Info will be updated as we get it.

Friday, January 10, 2014

5 Months Later...

So once again we don't keep up with this.
We were busy playing shows the past 5 months and practicing not so often.
But as of now we don't have any booked and we are looking into practicing, writing, and recording.
So there has been some talk about doing a descent enough recording to put out some wax.
No specifics yet, but I posted a rough recording of one of our newish songs. Check it out.
Along with the rough recording I also uploaded a live recording of part of our set in Windsor from awhile back. They are both on the right --->  Enjoy.
We will try and keep this thing up to date...
but probably not.