Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thank You

We would like to thank everyone who made this weekend possible and a great fucking time!
First of all a huge thank you to NICK RORICK for driving our asses to chicago and minneapolis while he was sick! And in Chicago we would like to thank Adam who booked the show, Mez and Burt who hosted the show at the 2040, Asphyxiate, Decay after Death, and Cold Cell cheers to all of you. Also thank you to Brendan and Devin for putting us up for the night. Blood spit nights in Chicago! Next is Minneapolis, thank you to Rachel who cooked us some really good food and let us stay at her house for the night, Travis for booking and putting together the show, The Medusa for hosting the show, all who came out for it, Disthroned Agony, DFORM (fucking dbeat till death!!), and Chodie Foster, also a shoutout to Gracie and all for hosting the show at the Medusa, Skorpian, and all the guys at Extreme Noise (fucking killer record store all run by volunteers). This weekend was amazing and we were so happy to get out of detroit and share our music and good times with all of you. Cheers!
Below are some pics from the chicago gig. If anyone has any more pics send em our way.

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